Standard 1: Journalistic Perspectives

I assisted my newspaper staff with creating a video on the New Voices legislation to help pass the bill in Indiana. I collected interviews and came in to school during the weekend to help edit the video.

Standard 2: Legal and Ethical Principles

I wrote a story on a student who does not conform to society’s gender “norms”, causing me to face the issue of what I am legally allowed to share about his experiences because of FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Policy Act). I had to get parent permission before I was allowed to interview Daniel, and even afterwards I had to determine what I could write from both a legal and ethical standpoint.

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Standards 3 & 4: Media Writing Processes/Writing for Media

I have been doing journalistic writing for almost four years, and each year I have seen an improvement in my writing. From my first journalism class in middle school to becoming a member of newspaper staff, I have gone on a journey to discover my voice. I learned to find passion in what I’m writing about to give life to my stories–even if it’s something I am not passionate about myself. Take a look below at some of my writing.

Staff Editorial: Navigating Naviance Column: Web of Respect Story: Daniel Tanner transcends typical gender stereotypes with fashion
Standard 5: Newspaper Production Cycles

As a reporter and graphics artist on newspaper staff this year, I juggled many assignments while also keeping up with the rest of my school work. Whenever I am not seeking assistance with my school work during study hall, I find myself in the HiLite room to either attend maestro meetings, where editors give assignments to staff, or simply working on my own assignments, whether they are stories or graphics. I admit I am human and don’t always have enough to get everything done, but I try my best to turn assignments in at least the day before deadlines and explore the possibility of an extension when there is no way for me to make a deadline. As we, as a staff, proofread our issues before they come out, I strive to help others with making their work the best it can be, while also taking my peers’ comments and using them to improve my own work. This year on staff has taught me time management skills and given me a critical eye to help me create work that I am proud of.

You can take a look at some of my work through the “Design” page on this website or going to my staff page on the HiLite website.

HiLite: Tessa Collinson
Standard 6: Media Convergence

This semester, I worked on a number of projects which used videos, photos, and text to convey information to our readers. Take a look below at some of my work.

Tutorial: DIY Scrunchies